Water Droplet Photography

I wanted to get a really good water droplet photo for a project I was working on so I spent the day with a photographer friend experimenting with different techniques.

The first set of images were taken mostly as testers to get the focus, timing and position of the water droplets right.

We moved onto using a clear base for the water droplets to hit.

Adding a little more water for a better splash and water ripples.

The next batch of photos were taken in portrait orientation in an attempt to capture the droplet before it hit the base and after as the water splashed back up.

We removed the dark background to add more light

We then started to add colouring to the water to create a few unique photos.

Once the water turned red I managed to capture a few good images.

The final image I used for my project looked quite professional (if I do say so myself), however I needed to add a colour filter to get the correct colour for my project.

The filter takes something away from the gorgeous blood red water droplet but still looks incredibly good (gain, if I do say so myself).