Ding Brand Book

Through research I found out that 'Ding' was a hesitant, conscientious and inquisitive brand. These three words helped me figure out that the colours I used had to be natural. Putting these three words together made me think of a bird and including the musical onomatopoeia; 'Ding', enforced that character of a bird.

To keep the brand book natural I created it with less heavy computer based graphics and reduced the amount of text I would add. The translucent overlay of the vector shapes depicts the shape of the brand name and on some pages the possible flight patterns of the bird.

I printed the brand book on thin paper so that it was flexible and delicate e2making it to be easier to turn the pages, which I hoped would give the book a better flow. Hand binding the book was preferable to stapling it so that the natural design flower all the way through the book and in its construction.

All photos used were either photos that I took myself or photos taken by Gary Bridger; http://photographergarybridger.com