Limited Edition Album and Merchandise

Packaging for a limited edition version of Sonata Artica's album Unia.

I found that the songs on the album made me think about opposites and how some things are not as they seem, because of this i included opposites throughout the project.

The box cover is simple but bold making use of a font that I thought reflects the style of music.

For the CD case, I decided to use the bold style I used on the box cover. When putting the black text on a plain white background, it seemed like it wasn't an accurate opposite to the other side. After adding the grey texture to it I was satisfied that it portrayed the band more successfully.

When adding the CD holder and CD, I chose to portray the phrase 'hidden in plain sight' in my design. This means that the design wouldn't be broken halfway through the inside of the case.

I used photography in the lyric booklet to make it more detailed and interesting. Additionally, it would be the opposite of the typographical designs I had already created.

For the lyric booklet I created two different booklets that would be opposites of each other. One would portray negativity and danger and the other would be positive and calmn.

Two booklets are connected to eachother with the lyrics of each song. The back cover for the steam booklet would be water and the back cover for the ice booklet would be fire.

The rest of the project consists of two different promotional posters, two different T-shirt designs and one additional piece of merchandise.

The posters use the same style found in the album packaging but with the addition of roses that I had drawn.

One of the T-shirt designs is designed to match the typographic elements seen in the album packaging. As for the other one, I created a more imagery-based shirt with the roses from one of the posters.

The final piece of merchandise is more unique than another piece of clothing or a bandana or badge.

Surprisingly a large amount of people still collect snow globes and it is becoming increasingly difficult to find good quality and well designed ones.

The base is dark wood to not only create a high quality appearance but also fit with the style of music. I made sure the style of opposites was evident here as well by using the living and dead rose designs.