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In everything I view I see the beauty of the design.

Each design is unique and interesting. This is why I have an interest in all types of design from the obvious; animation, movies and print art to the more intricate but subtle; human skeleton, plants and landscapes. The intricate designs I have listed are all natural forms of design that we have not only learnt from but also in some ways duplicated or improved upon.

I have often been told that I am a strategic person when it comes to my work. Before being told this, I didn't think about it but now that I am aware of it I can see that I do think about a whole number of elements that help me to achieve goals, whether it be in my work or my life.

The one thing that I always seem to do, whether I enjoy it or not is experimenting. Throughout my life I have pushed myself to try and do new things and although I may not be great at all of them or like all of them, it has given me a better understanding of all sort of things.

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